Featured Poem



Britney Spears Watches CNN


and licks the gristle off a drumstick
while photos from a recent earthquake
in Myanmar flash across the television.

Where is Me-and-mart? she asks,
and I don’t know how to tell her
of its complicated political climate,

of the savory rice noodles in fish soup,
repressed people under military regime,
monks, bright robes, and silent prayers.

Or its real name—Burma—and a long
Buddhist history fused with growing
Islamic sentiments. The correspondent

cuts to another story—Britney Spears
at it again! Drugs and sex, just another
night in Beverly Hills for our former

Mouseketeer. Britney grabs a chicken
wing and I don’t know how to tell her,
you can’t believe everything they say.

© D. Gilson from BRIT LIT

Brit Lit Front

2 Comments on “Featured Poem

  1. :) TRUTH!! Made me laugh with that acid that flows up and backfires in one’s throat–that ‘OMG’-this-is-so-true sting.

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