SRP Publisher Bryan Borland’s Keynote from AQLF

In this video series filmed from his keynote address at the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival, Bryan Borland discusses forming Sibling Rivalry Press, founding Assaracus, and publishing the wonderful poets of SRP.  He also reads “Flawed Families in Biblical Times” and “Grapes of Comfort” from My Life as Adam.  Much love to Atlanta and the folks at AQLF (Collin, Franklin, Cleo, and Megan).


    1. Awwww thanks, T! I guess I did sorta name drop you, didn’t I? And I THINK I said Senato right. Maybe.

    1. Thanks, QL! You know, I had more on that subject but I cut it to keep the speech to around 30 minutes. I might just have to post the rest of it in some format, written or via video. Thanks for watching!

  1. Bryan,
    So pleased I got to SEE & HEAR this! You’re a smart, smart guy. There’s no question you’re adorable, too. You’re wise beyond your years, and you have a charm that is obvious and infectious. But I think most of all you’re trustworthy, and that’s why I like you, and why I respect you so very, very much. I’m glad–and very proud–that our paths have crossed.

    1. Chuck, all the SRP authors owe you a great deal for your support. So glad to have you as part of Assaracus! Thanks for watching!

    1. Thanks for visiting and watching, Dhyan. You know, you’re an SRP author, too, being a part of that infamous Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously-Codependent Poetry. 🙂 I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from you one of these days. You’re a better poet than I’ll ever be. I’m envious of the way you observe the world.

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