Excerpted from, as posted by Grady Harp:

After reading a few poems in this splendid collection VOICES THROUGH SKIN by Theresa Senato Edwards, the question disturbingly comes to mind – Why haven’t I heard about this artist before now? These poems, one following another, become so ingrained in the psyche that they plead for time to consider and digest all of the apparent calm of the emotion with which she brings us to such challenging thoughts. If we ever wondered how a tortured soul copes with intrusion it is here, as offered by VOICES THROUGH SKIN. Theresa Senato Edwards has benefited from some of the best schooling – degrees in music from Mercy College/Westchester Conservatory of Music, in English from Western Connecticut State University, and in creative writing and poetry at Goddard College. And now from her home in Poughkeepsie, NY, she teaches at Marist College and she finds the seeds for these poems.

Theresa Senato Edwards is not afraid to place before the readers’ eyes topics of incipient delicacy as breast cancer, passionless physical responsibility sessions, death, lupus, physical abuse, those idiosyncratic ways we all face the big events in life and after. Even her style of writing invites the eye to jerk across the page and gather the momentum of her messages as though a willing captive. Secrets whispered, memories distorted by time and incidents – she touches these with a sense of veracity that makes us stop and relate.

[These poems] reflect and refract light and pain and living that are contained in this volume – a book whose cover (the art of Christine Blu Ashton) boldly suggests the works inside. Once again the notable Sibling Rivalry Press has discovered and shared significant new poetry.

Grady Harp
Full Review Can Be Found HERE

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