Next up at Bat for Assaracus…

Here they are, folks. After our strongest submission period yet, here is the tentative lineup for the next three issues of Assaracus! And yes, you are seeing eleven names for each issue (a last minute decision. Such are the perks of being the editor!). Our next submission period comes in September.

– Bryan

ISSUE 04 (October 2011)

Jeffery Beam
Joseph Harker
Walter Holland
Rob Jacques
George Klawitter
Ed Madden
Telly McGaha
D. Antwan Stewart
Daniel Nathan Terry
Isaiah Vianese
Emanuel Xavier

ISSUE 05 (January 2012) 

Perry Brass
Guillermo Filice Castro
Vicente Molina Foix (translated by Lawrence Schimel)
Christopher Gaskins
Michael Hathaway
Erik Schuckers
Matthew Loney
Jeff Mann
Jory Mickelson
Kat Smalley
David-Glen Smith

ISSUE 06 (April 2012)

Dustin Brookshire
Jim Cihlar
Nicolas Destino
D. Gilson
Charles Jensen
Raymond Luczak
Glenn Phillips
Andy Quan
Jack Veasey
Jeff Walt
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

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  1. Good luck with these issues. Wishing it was September already as I would love to submit some poems, especially as I’ve had some work published in Ganymede and this new journal looks like just the place for my work. Looking forward to grabbing a copy and immersing myself in some contemporary poetry.

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