COMING in 2012: SRP’s line of eBooks that will take your Kindles, Nooks, and iPads by storm.  We’re looking for quality fiction and non-fiction that will thrive in a digital format. Titles chosen for publication will be produced exclusively as eBooks. We’ll approach these eBooks with the same fire and enthusiasm you’ve come to expect from Sibling Rivalry Press – the same high-quality cover art, the same marketing attention, the same support from a publishing family. Authors whose manuscripts are chosen for e-publication will receive a contract for electronic production with Sibling Rivalry Press, a royalty rate of 50% on all sales, and full distribution through all Sibling Rivalry Press channels of publication. To be considered for e-publication through SRP, submit an outline of your manuscript (fiction, nonfiction, novella, memoir, short stories…) along with a 3-10 page excerpt to  And because electricity can happen anytime… we’ll always accept submissions. There will be no reading fee or purchase required to submit for consideration as an SRP eBook. We want your best.

When it comes to e-prose, what are we looking for? Our publishing philosophy will not change. We wanna take outsiders, get ’em drunk, and crash the literary party. Give us truth. Give us truth mixed with fiction. Give us your fantasies. Give us the dream you had last night, or the dream you had as a kid. Entertain us. Make us laugh so hard we cry, and make us cry so hard we laugh. There isn’t a formula here, except that we want the unexpected. As we say in every book we publish, we want manuscripts that make our hearts do karaoke in drag.

You’ll start noticing two icons on our website and in the SRP store:

Print titles will be marked by the “p” icon, and e-books will carry the “e” icon.  Our poetry titles will continue to be published in print. Fiction and non-fiction will be our digital shining stars. We realize the publishing world is changing, and we’re electrified to be a part of it.

Here’s the door. We’re holding it open. Who’s gonna come to our party?


    1. We’ll continue to produce many of our poetry titles in eBook format, Phillip. The only distinction here is that the digital-exclusive line will be fiction and non-fiction.

      1. Thanks!

        I see two that I bought (“My Life As Adam” — review :), “Burnings”) are available now in ePub. Back when I got them, they were only PDF on Lulu.

        I looked at the ePub sample (Smashwords) of “My Life As Adam” and there seems to be an issue. Lines do not seem to be wrapped in div/style=”text-indent: -Xem; padding-left: Xem;” (or equivalent) tags. (“X” is an appropriate indentation.) This means that in a narrow screen display (like iPod Touch), longer lines do not reflow in a manner that if they continue on to the next line, they are indented. (Look at how Leaves of Grass, which has a lot of long lines, reflows correctly, for example.)

        Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems to be the case.

  1. This is exactly why poetry isn’t going to be the focus of our digital division, Philip. For poetry and eBooks to REALLY work, you need short lines. Even the indentations on longer lines bug me (poetry is so much about form and intended line breaks). I’ll check out the code you referenced for sure – I appreciate that!

    1. That’s why it’s important to put in the right “div” markup (as I indicated above) around lines in poems for reflow to not have them so that they look like new lines. I don’t think short lines is key or “long” lines a stumbling block. (Think of Whitman or Ginsberg: their long lines are actually reflowed in print depending on the size of type or physical page size a publisher chose.)

      I’m a believer in poets (in this case) doing their own HTML5/CSS3 coding — that code is part of the poem itself in the post=”p” now “e”-age where one should expect one’s poem to be seen on different displays. 🙂

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