Wedding Announcement – Thomas Staed and Cody Renegar

[Note – In Arkansas, our largest newspapers refuse to publish wedding announcments of same-sex couples. Thomas and Cody of Elkins, Arkansas, are taking a stand, and we’re proud to support them.]

ELKINS, ARK – William Thomas Staed IV and Jonathan Cody Renegar of Northwest Arkansas will proclaim their love for each other during a June 2012 wedding ceremony, surrounded by the loving friends and family. 

Take a picture
To remember this moment
The moment when our two worlds collide
As we join hands, hearts, and souls
To take on the real world together.
Although the world can be cold
As people turn their heads,
We will always have each other to hold
In the dark on the coldest nights.
And the passionate desire which burns
Out of control within us
Will spread like wild fire to defrost the earth.
So take a picture
To remind us
Years and miles down the road
Of the battles we have already won.
And the day when our two worlds became one.

Thomas is the son of Bill and Janet Staed of Fort Smith. He is a 2002 graduate of Southside High School in Fort Smith and a 2006 graduate of University of Arkansas with a degree in Finance. He currently is employed as a bank analyst.

Cody is the proud father of Levi Renegar of Elkins. He is the son of Dr. Gary and Billie Renegar of Fayetteville. He graduated from WestArk Barber College in Fort Smith, and received advanced training at the Aveda Institute Salon in Minneapolis, and Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills. He is a professional hair stylist and educator, artist and author. 

Thomas and Cody will exchange wedding vows during a June 2012 outdoor commitment ceremony overlooking the duck pond on TLC, their hobby farm. Guests will be seated under a large white tent decorated in honeysuckle vines and wild flowers. Reception will follow near the red barn under a separate tent. The Rev. Laura Phillips will officiate.



  1. Cody and I briefly attended school together in junior high – he was in eighth grade and I was in seventh. We were in the same study hall, and on one particular day, I was being tormented relentlessly with gay slurs. Cody and I had never really talked, but he stood up for me and stopped the bullying. We reconnected on Facebook a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t until then that I learned Cody himself had come out.

    Cody, ever the hero, doesn’t remember saving me that day. But I remember it, and I’ll remember it forever.

    Thank you, Cody. Congratulations to your beautiful family.

  2. Wishing you success in sharing your joy with as many people as possible. Shame on the newspaper! But make your day the greatest, with or without them, and I hope you share a long life full of love.

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