SRP Soundtrack: Eric Norris and Nocturnal Omissions

When asked to provide as soundtrack to his book, Nocturnal Omissions: A Tale of Two Poets, Eric Norris sent along the following:

I always listen to music when I write. I must have listened to each of these pieces at least once while writing Nocturnal Omissions with Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, but not in this order. In a way, I think the proper order of the songs only suggested itself over time, as the book developed and we got to know each other better. You will notice one odd man out here, the centerpiece of the selection, Enigma Variations: Variation IX, Nimrod, by Sir Edward Elgar. Love is an enigma to me, as I hope it is for you. I hope it always remains so–infinitely inventive and endlessly fascinating in all its incarnations.

As for Elgar and Nimrod, I can think of no other piece of music that comes so close to capturing the precise moment when affection for another really takes hold of the heart–that second on the silver screen when the kiss fades to bliss. To black. We wake the next morning in a very familiar but very different world. We look up, we look down, we look all around, and then we look at each other, just like Laurel and Hardy.

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