We’re stealing the following from our Facebook status update for convenience – not for lack of creativity! SRP at AWP? Yup. In true outlaw fashion, we’ll be with the PEOPLE. Or at least carrying around a backpack full of books going from reading to reading and event to event. Bryan’s at the BLOOM presents DIVINING DIVAS reading Thursday night. Matthew Hittinger, Stephen Mills, Kevin Simmonds, Virginia Bell, Brad Richard, Michael Klein, Tyler Gillespie, and Saeed Jones will also be at various events and readings. See us. Love us. Say hello.
But there is one update. We’ll be hanging out with Lawrence Schimel a bit on Thursday and Friday – Table O17, so if you visit the always-worthwhile Midsummer Night’s Press table (and you if you dig SRP, you should!), you might catch some combination of us there.
If you send us an email in the next few days, you probably won’t hear back until Monday, but we’ll still compulsively check our inbox while we’re gone. (That means to those who are sending poetry manuscript submissions, we’ll acknowledge receipt when we return – so don’t worry if you don’t get something back immediately.)
To everyone traveling, have a safe trip!

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