The Voice Behind Voices

Recently, we asked Theresa Senato Edwards why she wrote Voices Through Skin:

I’ve had OCD since I was about four years old,  maybe younger, but I’m not sure.  I didn’t know what I had until I was 26 and watched a 60 minutes episode that really can be credited with introducing the disorder to the world.  I was one of many people who realized because of that show that I had OCD.  When I wrote the book, I funneled some of my symptoms into the poems, some of the rituals (“Her Rituals”), the worries of absurd things (“Homesick”), the counting (“Back Seat”), the repetitions (“The Touch of the Notch”), and the fears (“Joanie Bach”).  Voices Through Skin also shares a child’s confusion with her gender (“Bending” and “Closet”), among other confusions; other disorders as seen in poems like “Lady,” “The Smell of Alcohol,” “Voices in Dad’s Chest,” “On Your Back,” and “His Profile.” With Voices Through Skin, I hope to reach anyone who has OCD or any similar disorder in which they constantly question their thoughts or actions.

Voices Through Skin is available in both print and as an eBook.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I’ll be giving a workshop in the fall through the Arlington Adult/Continuing Ed Program in LaGrangeville, New York, that might be of interest to anyone local who would like some guidance in writing about emotionally difficult topics. Here’s a little bit of info:

    Writing Through It With Poetry

    Learn how to get things out through writing. These workshops will teach you the basics of creatively writing what’s on your mind but what you’ve found has been very difficult to share. You’ll take a stab at the creative paragraph or prose poem; you’ll list concrete and abstracts; you’ll look at lines from other poems to help you write your own lines and stanzas. The workshop will offer a space for in-class writing and reading aloud of student poetry, the latter on a volunteer basis. We’ll share reactions and analyses, looking at craft and the emotional elements behind the writing. Please bring a notebook, pen or pencil, and your determination to communicate.

    I’m going to use some lines from poems included in VOICES THROUGH SKIN and other poems. You know, even women who have suffered through domestic violence or other forms of violence can benefit from this workshop.

    So, if you could, pass the word around. If there’s enough writers interested who are not local, I’d love to start an online venue for this.

    Let me hear your voice!


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