Out Latino poet Brandon Lacy Campos was found dead today in New York City, according to published media reports. He was 35. His debut collection, It Ain’t Truth If It Doesn’t Hurt, was released in 2011 by Rebel Satori Press to critical acclaim. Campos, also an activist, used his HIV-positive status as a “call to arms,” according to The Advocate Magazine. Campos’ twitter photo feed shows a man who lived the Manhattan social life to the nines, as well as showcases his healthy body. His last original tweet was November 7: “303 electoral college votes to 203. That’s called an ass whooping Mitt Romney. Sit down. Shut up. Disappear quietly. amen.” His popular blog, My Feet Only Walk Forward, was last updated November 7th as well. According to Rod 2.0, one of Campos’ last Facebook updates was as follows: “I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am. My saving grace is that the God in which I believe has sent me more love than I Could believe my due and that love I have been able to share to u. To u amor.”


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