The next issue of Assaracus, Issue 25, is being taken over by the pissed off, energized, ready-to-fight imprint of SRP, which might as well be called System Resistance Press now. 


 Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry
ISSN: 2159-0478


SUBMISSION GUIDELINES THROUGH DECEMBER 1: All poets, regardless of orientation or identification, are welcome to contribute a single poem of response, rallying cry, hope, loss, direct conversation, whatever/however you need to cope with the new American reality of a Trump Administration and all that comes with it. The issue will be out in January and we’ll supply it to libraries all over the country. We’ll leave it on park benches. We’ll hand it out in crowds.

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“…Sibling Rivalry Press is publishing well-wrought, challenging literature that provides deep insight into the broad range of emotional experiences of being gay…”



ASSARACUS ISSUE 01 – January 2011: features Shane Allison, Jay Burodny, Gavin Dillard, Christopher Hennessy, Matthew Hittinger, Raymond Luczak, James Kangas, Frank J Miles, Stephen S. Mills, Eric Norris


ASSARACUS ISSUE 02 – April 2011: features Philip F. Clark, Collin Kelley, Michael Klein, Ron Mohring, Evan J. Peterson, Steven Riel, Sam Sax, Robert Siek, Christopher Soden, Wonder Dave


ASSARACUS ISSUE 03 – July 2011: features Antler, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Bryan Borland, Steven Cordova, Carl Miller Daniels, Jeremy Halinen, Terry Jaensch, Scott Wiggerman, Chuck Willman, Nicholas YB Wong, 10 Poets on James Franco, (Intro by Frank J Miles; Poems by Shane Allison, Bradley Bentz, Perry Brass, Philip Clark, Alex Dimitrov, Jory Mickelson, Stephen S. Mills, Ed Rose, Sam Sanders, and Luke Shearfrond)

Assaracus Issue 04: A Journal of Gay Poetry

ASSARACUS ISSUE 04 – October 2011: features Jeffery Beam, Joseph Harker, Walter Holland, Rob Jacques, George Klawitter, Ed Madden, Telly McGaha, D. Antwan Stewart, Daniel Nathan Terry, Isaiah Vianese, Emanuel Xavier

Assaracus Issue 05

ASSARACUS ISSUE 05 – January 2012: features Perry Brass, Guillermo Filice Castro, Vicente M. Foix (Translated from the Spanish by Lawrence Schimel), Christopher Gaskins, Michael Hathaway, Matthew R. Loney, Jeff Mann, Jory M. Mickelson, Erik Schuckers, Kat Smalley, David-Glen Smith


ASSARACUS ISSUE 06 – April 2012: features Dustin Brookshire, James Cihlar, Nicolas Destino, D. Gilson, Charles Jensen, Raymond Luczak, Glenn Allen Philips, Andy Quan, Jack Veasey, Jeff Walt, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, A Poem for Ian Young by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard

Assaracus Issue 07

ASSARACUS ISSUE 07 – July 2012: features Jonathan Bracker, Jason Contrucci, Sebastian Doherty, David Keali’i. Dean Kostos, Anthony Lioi, Philip Matthews, Ian James Morgan, Stephen Potter, Patrick Stevens, Peter Weltner

Assaracus Issue 08

Pushcart Prize Winning Issue! ASSARACUS ISSUE 08 – Fall 2012: features John Barton, Walter Beck, Charlie Bondhus, Allen Clark, Nick Comilla, Jim Cory, Carlton Fisher, Edmund Miller, Joseph Rathgeber, Bill Trüb, Steve Turtell, Pushcart Prize Winner Ocean Vuong

Assaracus 09

ASSARACUS ISSUE 09 – January 2014: features Jeremy Brunger, Timothy Connor Dailey, Aaron DeLee, Red Haircrow, Andrew Ketcham, Thomas March, Rajiv Mohabir, Seth Pennington, Douglas Ray, Jason Roush, James J. Siegel


ASSARACUS ISSUE 10 – April 2013: features Jonathan Alexander, Jeffery Berg, John Bonanni, Travis Crockett, Ron Drummond, Rob Jacques, Miodrag Kojadinovic, Kelly McQuain, Allen Salerno, Lawrence Schimel, Josh Stenberg, Denver Torres


ASSARACUS ISSUE 11 – July 2013: features Stuart Barnes, Dunstan Christopher, Kirby Congdon, Craig Cotter, Randall Ivey, Peter LaBerge, A. Loudermilk, Sean Patrick Mulroy, Lucas Scheelk, Danez Smith, Mark Ward, Korey Williams

Assaracus Issue 12 Cover

ASSARACUS ISSUE 12 – October 2013: features Derrick Austin, David Bergman, Joe Eldridge, Robert Heald, Gary Lundy, Jeff Oaks, Christopher Phelps, Steven Riel, Jackson Sabbagh, Robert Whitehead, Emanuel Xavier, Stephen Zerance


ASSARACUS ISSUE 13 – January 2014: features Stephen S. Mills, Darrel Alejandro Holnes, George Klawitter, Mitchell Untch, Michael Walsh, RJ Gibson, Jonathan Harrell, Chris Canter, D. Gilson & Will Stockton, Jim Elledge


Joy Exhaustible ISSUE 14 – April 2014Assaracus presents a look at the work, through poetry, prose, and memoir, of both contemporary and history-making gay publishers and editors. This anthology tells the story of the small gay press in North America and the publishers behind the scenes whose love of writing changed the geography of gay literature. Joy Exhaustible features James Mitchell, John Lauritsen, Donald Weise, William Johnson, Michael Hathaway, Felice Picano, Steve Berman, Ian Young, Charlie Bondhus, Ron Mohring, Kirby Congdon, Charles Flowers, Perry Brass, John Stahle, Jameson Currier, Lawrence Schimel, and a cover poem by Paul Mariah. It is edited by Bryan Borland and Seth Pennington, publishers of Sibling Rivalry Press, who also contribute their first collaborative poem. 

Assaracus Issue 15 Cover

ASSARACUS ISSUE 15 – July 2014: features Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, C. Russell Price, Matthew Cook, Dan Encarnacion, Jeremy Halinen, James M. Croteau, Wayne Courtois, Bryan Monte, Anthony Moll, Michael Montlack, John Hubbard, Jack Michaelson

Assaracus 16 Cover Front

ASSARACUS ISSUE 16 – October 2014: Bryan’s last issue as editor –  features Glenn Phillips, Dustin Brookshire, Michael Walsh, Philip F. Clark, Guillermo Filice Castro, Robert Siek, Carl Miller Daniels, Joseph Ross, Eric Norris, Jeremy Brunger, Rob Jacques, Raymond Luczak, Russell Bungé, Bryan Borland, George Klawitter, D. Gilson, Christopher Hennessy, Collin Kelley, John Brooks, Adam McGee, Jean-Marie de la Trinité, Sam Sax, David Bergman, Korey Williams, Matthew Hittinger, Stephen S. Mills, Brent Calderwood, Roberto F. Santiago, Chuck Willman, Eric Nguyen, Ross Robbins, Walter Beck, Carlton Fisher, Vytautas Pliura, Danez Smith, Walt Whitman, and Joseph Harker


ASSARACUS ISSUE 17 – January 2015: Joseph Harker’s first issue as editor features Michael Broder, Doug Paul Case, G.S. Crown, Aaron DeLee, Corey Green, Francisco Márquez, Bill Matthews, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, David Meischen, Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, and Trenton Pollard. Issue 17 also includes a special feature on Gay Latino Poetry curated by Eduardo C. Corral with work from Joseph Delgado, Juan Luis Guzmán, Ricardo Hernandez, Eduardo Martinez, Roberto Montes, Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Christopher Soto, and Victor Vazquez. Issue 17 features art by Ronaldo Aguiar.

A18 Front

ASSARACUS ISSUE 18 – April 2015: features William Leo Coakley, Robert Reid Drake, Jan-Henry Gray, James Michael Joiner, Jee Leong Koh, Raymond Luczak, Ed Madden, Kelly McQuain, Eric Norris, Bart Rawlinson, Matt Terhune, and Gregory Woods. Issue 18 features cover art by Carmine Santaniello.


ASSARACUS ISSUE 19 – July 2015: features Jeremy Brunger, Alessandro Brusa, Kyle Dacuyan, Joey de Jesus, Jeremy Glazier, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Charles Jensen, Sugar le Fae, Stephen S. Mills, Chris Morris, Steven Sanchez, and Corey Thrasher. Issue 18 features cover art by Seth Ruggles Hiler.


ASSARACUS ISSUE 20 – October 2015: features Joshua Aiken, John Andrews, Raymond Berry, Justin Bond, Derek Coyle, Ryan Dzelzkalns, Adam Falkner, Aidan Forster, Paul Tran, and Aleksa Zivkovic. Issue 20 features cover art by Jonathan Kent Adams.


ASSARACUS ISSUE 21 – January 2016: features William Ward Butler, Craig Cotter, R. Daniel Evans, Gregg Friedberg, Gustavo Hernandez, küçük İskender, George Klawitter, Travis Chi Wing Lau, Adam McGee, Jory Mickelson, Daniel Moore, John Pluecker, and Karl Sherlock. Issue 21 features cover art by Richard Vyse.

 Assaracus Issue 22

ASSARACUS ISSUE 22 – April 2016: features Christopher Bakka, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Jacob Budenz, J. Adam Collins, jayy dodd, Tyler French, Ryan Patrick Gannon, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Mark G. Jamison, O Mayeux, Spencer Silverthorne, and Brad Trumpfheller. Issue 22 features cover art by Frank Fruzyna.

Assaracus23 Front Cover

ASSARACUS ISSUE 23 – July 2016: features John Manuel Arias, Lorcán Black, Alessandro Jacopo Brusa, Jeremy Cornelius, J.A. Dela Cruz-Smith, Craig Martin Getz, Roy Guzmán, Patrick Kindig, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Jonah Mixon-Webster, Teo Mungaray, and N.I. Nicholson, with cover art by John Brooks.


ASSARACUS ISSUE 24 – October 2016: features work by George Abraham, Charlie Bondhus, Anthony DiPietro, Dan Grover, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Patrick Clement James, Luis Lopez-Maldonado, Carl Napolitano, William Reichard, Mark Ward, Peter Weltner, and Isaac Williams. It includes cover art by Matheus Sarmiento Tous.