Now more than ever, we need your help


In the last year, your support allowed us to publish books from writers like Franny Choi, Sarah Browning, Eric Tran, Bushra Rehman, Anthony Frame, and Joseph Osmundson. We published an anthology of emerging trans poets and a finalist for the Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature. Sibling Rivalry Press titles by LGBTQ authors were honored in Georgia and Oklahoma, states where queer visibility is vital. We continued our administration of the Undocupoets Fellowship and awarded stipends to undocumented or previously-undocumented poets to cover submission fees. We began planning for our tenth-anniversary year in 2020. What can we do together over the next 12 months? We can continue building bridges and tearing down walls.

Sibling Rivalry Press is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions to support the operations of Sibling Rivalry Press are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law, and your donations will directly assist in the publication of work that disturbs and enraptures.

Now more than ever, Sibling Rivalry Press is a necessary publishing house. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, we provide a stage for voices that might not otherwise be heard. Voices that make others feel less alone. Voices that save lives.

That’s what it’s about for us: saving lives. We believe the books we publish build bridges between geographies, between cultures, between isolation and community, between fear and love, between invisibility and being seen, and between despair and survival.

We have a strong record of success. We were the first publishing house to ever win Lambda Literary Awards in both gay poetry and lesbian poetry. We’re always on the lookout for emerging or established writers whose work will change the literary landscape. Sometimes we’re the only alternative voices heard in small towns across the country and the world. Our books are stolen from libraries because people need them. That’s absolutely okay with us. Steal our books. We’ll always replace them.

Donations are absolutely vital to our existence. If you believe in what we do, there are two ways to support Sibling Rivalry Press through donations. You can set up a tax-deductible donation (one time or recurring) through our Fractured Atlas Sponsorship Page, or you can donate by check made payable to “Fractured Atlas” with “Sibling Rivalry Press” written on the memo line. Please send checks made out to Fractured Atlas to:

Sibling Rivalry Press
PO Box 26147
Little Rock, AR 72221

Thank you for supporting Sibling Rivalry Press. 

With gratitude,

Bryan Borland & Seth Pennington