Fag Hag: A Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously-Codependent Poetry (Multiple Poets)

In this SCANDALOUS CHAPBOOK OF FABULOUSLY-CODEPENDENT POETRY, Stephen S. Mills, Jessie Carty, Patti Forehand, Ana Tun, Philip F. Clark, Leigh Binder, Val B. Russell, Joseph Harker, Tel, Elizabeth Stelling, Tau, Karen Schindler, Guy “Dhyan” Traiber, Sam Sanders, Gypsy, Victor Kondratas, Paul Andrew Russell, Loria Taylor, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Alana Smoot Samuelson, LaMar Johnson, and B.R. Belletryst take on the topic of that mythological creature known as the Fag Hag.


“Surrogates” by Joseph Harker – Winner of 2010’s Fag/Hag Poetry Contest
“Of Violets and Bunnies” by BR Belletryst
“Fault” by Patti Forehand
“Third Wheel” by Loria Taylor
“Comes and Goes” by Philip F. Clark
“Fag/Hag” by Bryan Borland
“Phillip” by Paul Andrew Russell
“Wrong Way Love” by Gypsy
“One Room Studio” by Victor Kondratas
“No More Hags” by Leigh Binder
“3Some” by Tel
“Letter to an Absent Friend” by Ana Tun
“-j-” by Karen Schindler
“Splattered” by Bryan Borland
“Hagku” by LaMar Johnson – Winner of 2010’s Fag/Hag Crowd Favorite Award
“Heteroflexible” by Joseph Harker
“Straight Times During Gay Days” by Sam Sanders
“Fat Girl at the Drugstore” by Jessie Carty
“Bryan Makes Me Write a Poem about a Term I Don’t Like” by Stephen S. Mills
“Straight Man Observes a Couple on the Train” by Guy ‘Dhyan’ Traiber
“Loving Charon” by Sean y Labrador Manzano
“Side Order” by Elizabeth ‘Chef E’ Stelling
“Billie” by Val B. Russell
“Eve’s Response” by Alana Smoot Samuelson
“Hag/Fag” by Loria Taylor
“Sick” by Tau

Thanks to Jameson Fitzpatrick for the cover photograph.


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