Ganymede Unfinished: A Tribute to John Stahle and His Journal Ganymede (Multiple Authors)

Ganymede Unfinished – A Tribute to John Stahle and His Journal Ganymede.


This is the anthology that started it all with Sibling Rivalry Press! John Stahle and Ganymede changed the face of gay publishing and introduced the world to the next generation of queer poets, writers, and artists. Though John died in April of 2010, his legacy is evident in this 300-plus page, 6×9 perfectly bound journal published in his honor.

Ganymede Unfinished includes work by Perry Brass, Jee Leong Koh, Matthew Hittinger, Alexander Gale, Sergio Ortiz, Ocean Vuong, Jeff Mann, Eric Norris, Steven Cordova, Stephen S. Mills, Joseph Harker, Michael Cluff, Walter Holland, Brian Brown, BR Belletryst, Matthew Loney, Seth Ruggles Hiler, Amos Lassen, Jørgen Lien, Philip F. Clark, Scott Hess, Charlie Vázquez, Garrett Graham, and Nico Corvalán. It also includes John Stahle’s final designs for Ganymede, which feature Digby Mackworth Dolben, Geer Austin, Evan J. Peterson, Derrick Austin, Kevin Simmonds, Bryan Borland, Rickey Laurentiis, David-Glen Smith, Brooks Peters, and Mark Milazzo.

From qsyndicate/Book Mark’s Richard Labonte:

This anthology, says editor Borland in his introduction, is a love letter to a man and a publication. That would be to John Stahle, who died this year, and to the seven issues of his exquisite journal, Ganymede. The unfinished of the title encompasses the collection’s last 44 pages, unedited text and art slated for Issues 8 and 9 of the journal. But the preceding 250 pages constitute an impressive homage. Sixteen poets are represented, among them Jeff Mann, Jee Leong Koh and Borland. Gay activist pioneer Perry Brass writes about the pioneering queer journal, Mouth of the Dragon. Jorgen Lien muses about Hustlers and Boybands, and Philip F. Clark remembers the late editor in John Stahle and the Art of the Eye. Among these gems, two works sparkle and startle: Charlie Vazquez’s El Baile Divino/The Divine Dance is a haunting story about eyes and evil; Scott Alexander Hess’ Diary of a Sex Addict (the title says it all) is relentlessly erotic and divinely written. Stahle would have savored it, and this respectful remembrance, too.

From Gregory Woods, Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies at Nottingham Trent University, writing for Chroma:

Ganymede Unfinished is a final, tribute issue, put together by Bryan Borland with some of the materials that might have made up the eighth issue. It is an apt tribute to Stahle, serious and stylish… The creative content gets off to a reassuringly solid start, with fine poems by Jee Leong Koh and Matthew Hittinger. Most of the poets are young, but there are a few names I recognise from a while back: Walter Holland, for instance, whose A Journal of the Plague Years I first read back in 1992. Stahle was interested in promoting new work—and did so very generously—but he was concerned, also, to connect it with gay literature from the past. This volume continues that tradition, with a brief selection of work by the Victorian poet Digby Mackworth Dolben and a really useful essay by Perry Brass on the gay poetry magazine from the 1970s, Mouth of the Dragon. Brass is highly critical of that magazine’s editor, Andrew Bifrost, in ways that shed a contrastingly felicitous light on Stahle.



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