Our submission period for manuscripts of any length and any genre runs each year from March 1 through June 1. The manuscript(s) to be published will be announced by October each year. Added bonus: As the Library of Congress has acquired all SRP books, the selected title(s) will reside among history’s greatest writers—in perpetuity—in the Rare Book and Special Collections vault in the world’s biggest library. 


SEE THESE FACES? These writers could be your pressmates! (Pictured: Theresa Davis, Bryan Borland, Kaveh Akbar, C. Russell Price, Casey Rocheteau, Emily Jaeger, Tina Parker, Collin Kelley, Brent Calderwood, and Megan Volpert, in simultaneous readings in New York and Atlanta on July 26, 2016.)


2018 Open-Submission Guidelines:

We accept submissions through Submittable.

Manuscript submissions of any length and any genre will be accepted beginning on March 1, 2018. Selected manuscripts will be published in 2020 – our 10th anniversary year. Selected authors will also be showcased in our ten-year anniversary anthology.

Per our tradition, once the Submittable link goes live, instead of asking you to include a traditional cover letter, you’ll be asked to respond to a few items when you send us your manuscript:

1. Support your potential pressmates! In lieu of an entry fee, purchase a title (any title) from the SRP store. Titles begin at less than a dollar, and there’s no greater weight placed on the amount spent or quantity of your purchase. When you submit, tell us what title you purchased. You can also purchase a book and direct us to send it to a library or community organization on your behalf. Note: Titles purchased after February 1, 2018, satisfy this requirement.

2. Often we read pages, passages, chapters, or poems from our submissions out loud as a method of considering the work. Tell us what to read out loud from your manuscript.

3. If you were to have a single line from your manuscript tattooed on your body, what line would you choose?

4. Publication of your book or project with a small press is not the end of your journey — or your work. It’s a beginning. At best, publication with a small press provides you with an opportunity to invent your own literary presence and give back to various communities in some way. How do you see your project interacting with an audience? How would publishing with Sibling Rivalry Press allow you to expand yourself and give back?  


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