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“. . . It’s intellectual and moral and political and sexual and sensual . . .”

– Adrienne Rich

Founded in 2010, Sibling Rivalry Press is an independent publishing house based in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are the publisher of Lambda Literary Award Winner and Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry Finalist He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices by Stephen S. Mills, Lambda Literary Award Winner for Lesbian Poetry Mysterious Acts by My People by Valerie Wetlaufer, and Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Poetry and Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry Finalist The Talking Day by Michael Klein. We’re home to Assaracus, the world’s only print journal of gay male poetry and one of Library Journal‘s “Best New Magazines,” Jonathan, our journal of gay fiction, and Adrienne, our poetry journal of queer women. The American Library Association has honored nine FIFTEEN of our titles (including two THREE top-10 favorites) on its annual list of recommended LGBT reading. While we champion our LGBTIQ authors and artists, and while we’ve been very fortunate in our successes in LGBTIQ publishing, we are an inclusive publishing house and welcome all authors, artists, and readers regardless of sexual orientation or identity.  We publish work we love. Merit trumps category.

Our purpose is best defined by the incomparable Adrienne Rich, who said to Michael Klein in a 1999 interview:

“There’s a lot of what I would call comfortable poetry around. But then there is all this other stuff going on — which is wilder, which is bristling; it’s juicier, it’s everything that you would want. And it’s not comfortable. That’s the kind of poetry that interests me — a field of energy. It’s intellectual and moral and political and sexual and sensual — all of that fermenting together. It can speak to people who have themselves felt like monsters and say: you are not alone, this is not monstrous. It can disturb and enrapture.”

The mission of our press, therefore,  is to publish work that disturbs and enraptures. 

Sibling Rivalry Press is a sponsored project of the Sibling Rivalry Press Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation that serves the small press community. Donations to support work of literary merit by Sibling Rivalry Press are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. You can donate to Sibling Rivalry Press through the Sibling Rivalry Press Foundation by clicking HERE.


In 1979, an Air New Zealand Antarctic sightseeing flight crashed into Mount Erebus, killing all aboard, including a friend of author Jane Summer. Years later, through fate or coincidence, Summer finds herself poised to promote that same airline through a travel article she’s writing for a magazine. The experience jars both her dreams and memories, resulting in a documentary-style poetic exposé on a government’s drive to hide what really happened, the 257 lives lost, and a woman who changed Summer forever. This is a new kind of poetry. This is Erebus.

Erebus by Jane Summer

“I don’t even know what to call Jane Summer’s astounding Erebus—it’s that gorgeous, that transcendent, except to say that with this love-letter/elegy/anti-elegy about a real friend in a world of counterfeits, she has invented a kind of poetry that is anxious and wild and completely unexpected. The book is hybrid in structure—with citations and photos and its scrap from a musical score—but it also represents the hybrid nature of our collective psyche: how we remember; why we forget, and, most tenderly, how we can live in the past not as ghosts in regret but as preservationists—of which Summer is one—who can fully inhabit the present and the past at the same time. I was in constant awe at Erebus’s sheer originality. I felt like I was reading a book about a new way to tell time.”

– Michael Klein, author of the forthcoming When I Was a Twin



(2014 Open submission selections):


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